VR Speed Cruiser

Double the Speed, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Race beyond speed in this energetic and adrenalise rushing driving simulator that surpasses the thrills of Formula F1 and the Grand Prix. Designed from flawless technology that brisks at record speed while maintaining optimal balance and efficiency, its boisterous engines and sterling wheels defy gravity while guaranteeing riders premium level satisfaction! If the physical world doesn’t do it for you, we provide futuristic worlds with eclectic designs and high platform racecourse with no barriers to really put you at the edge of your seat!

VR Elevation D’Luxe

Elevate Yourself to Greater Heights!

Ever wondered what it would feel like to levitate? How about doing it while you’re so high up in the skies, finding yourself elevating and descending recklessly, facing all sorts of challenges of varying difficulties while trying to complete your journey! This is what the Elevation D’Luxe experience offers, as it is bound to give you all sorts of excitement and gripping suspense, all mixed up. Armed with two joysticks and a VR headset, you get to navigate your way through obstacles and have a picturesque view of the game’s environment.
The Elevation D’Luxe Machine is built with the finest technology to prevent motion sickness while giving off a realistic feeling of the physical surroundings, explosions, differences in air pressure as well as the “damages” of hitting a flying object upon impact. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a turbulent experience filled with spinetingling and rip-roaring excitement!

VR Giant Slide

Slide Your Way to Ecstasy!

Water slides at a usual theme park is usually a bundle of fun! However, this virtual giant slide can offer more than that! It will take your greater lengths in an abstract world beyond your wildest dreams! Not only that, you get to engage in combat while on the slide and pass through checkpoints. This virtual slide also acts as a roller coaster, allowing you to navigate your way through the different facets of this adrenaline-charged game. The fun-filled challenges, remarkable graphics and physical feeling of the game’s environment which mimics reality will send your pulse racing and spine tingling, allowing you to reach the pinnacle of virtual ecstasy!

The Enchanted Chamber

The Chamber of Mystics and Secrets!

Nestled in the heart of D-Virtual Park’s wondrous virtual kingdom lies the ‘Enchanted Chamber’, otherwise referred to as the ‘Green Room’. A private enclosed space that offers more than just a regular VR game that involves a ‘thrilling ride’ and ‘fighting your way’ out of a battlefield!
It also hosts more stimulating and relaxing activities which includes a perplexing maze and a paint game experienced in a virtual reality setting. A larger setting is dedicated for the Enchanted Chamber, allowing you and your gaming companions to move about more freely whilst you explore the spellbinding twists and turns of the game environment! This VR attraction is best experienced in a group of 6 (with 2 additional slots for a group requiring more people). This VR game also utilizes the use of a trigger button, Cable CPU, tracksuit, sensors, camera and an Ipad 6 to give you a wholesome VR experience you can’t miss!