VR Gatling Gun

Blaze of VR Glory!

Introducing the VR Gatling Gun, a heavy and powerful machine gun that will blast your enemies in a flash and get your pulse racing and heart thumping through any obstacle that comes in your way! It is user-friendly and is assisted with a fidelity sound speaker as well as a 42” HDTV screen that will send you blasting away in the battlefield, no matter on land or in space!

VR Knight Rider

Ride the Night and Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

Imagine thousands of war enemies flocking towards you and the only thing separating them and you is your very own battle horse and your sword that will tunnel your way amidst a challenging and hostile battleground! This fun-filled action on the back of a horse will see you ride the night till the end, getting rid of any obstruction that comes in your way. It lets you unleash your inner warrior! The 360 degree immersive experience, realistic backdrop and exquisite art scene construction makes the game too enjoyable to resist!

VR D’Battleship

Live the Excitement Together!

Fun shouldn’t be experienced alone! The more the merrier! And what fun it is when you have a 6-seater where each of you react to the game experience simultaneously, adding feel to the game!
The machine, powered using a 6-Dof platform, allowing greater freedom of movement. This machine also allows for greater response time, faster acceleration and more precise positioning of your body (motion simulation) which adheres to the game simulation.